Love or Learn

“You do not lose in love. You either win or you learn.”

Hey there every one! Β I spent my Monday in bed due to a slight cold from losing a water fight on Sunday (I was ambushed but, we won’t get into that). But I woke up thinking about situations when we feel like we have ‘lost’. Those moments when you feel like you have exhausted every option and nothing worked and at that moment, you feel like you have been defeated. But, how often do you take those opportunities to learn from what could’ve been done better or slightly different.

So often you hear people saying, ‘If I had just waited two seconds longer, I could’ve made it.’ Or in my case, ‘If I had ran a little faster, I wouldn’t have gotten soaked,’. Now, some things you have to truly work at to improve or change for the better the next time you come across a similar situation. While other, you make slight adjustments and see the difference it makes. This aspect applies in almost every part of life. Sometimes we let the feeling of disappoints and trial and errors dictate the next move and that’s where we go wrong. We have to try to take every situation and turn it into a positive. I know that sounds cliche’ but the simplest things make the most sense. I often don’t need a long prophecy to see the gold message in it.

Whether it be a business, or a relationship, friendship, job or goal that didn’t work out the way you planned. It was for a reason and you have to take that information you have gathered after a long, deep conversation with yourself and make the next move your best move!


As Always, Peace & LoveΒ β™₯

Hold up, They Don’t Love You like You Love You

They Don’t Love You like You Love You ( Yes, you read that right πŸ˜‰ )

Who is a better support system than yourself? Who knows you better than you?

Good support is such a hard thing to find. As humans, we need a good support system to maintain a healthy emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self.I’m not talking about the ten minute praise you may get by people who only cheer you on when they see you doing something good. Half the time, they could care less about you, and honestly, they just want to know your business. Some people lend out cold shoulders to lean on, only to say ‘I told ya so’ when things go wrong.

Support is crucial in times of need. When you need someone to say it is okay, when you need someone to look at you and not see failure, but opportunity to try again. Having people that genuinely care about the moves you make, your mental health during tough situations; those are the people you need around. You need someone to tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you WANT to hear. That is the very difference between disabling and encouraging.

Now, we all recognize that having other people to support you is important but, your biggest supporter should always be YOURSELF. I also recognize that that is easier said than done when the tides start rolling in but, it isΒ vital to progression. You have to be able to look in the mirror when you are at your lowest point in life and still see a spark in your eye; a relentless hunger to push through. Once you have fought through your own barriers of doubt and defeat, the outside support you receive should become an extra boost of confidence. You CANNOTΒ and SHOULD NOTΒ solely depend on others to make you feel uplifted, you need to have this mentality burned into your head long before you hear anyone else’s opinions on where they think you are heading in life. You are more than your faults, you are more then you set backs.

So often, we allow our own negativity to light fire to the negative energy around us. That is when we find ourselves in a rut, not knowing our next move and giving up. You have to be your biggest cheerleader, I know I am mine. So yeah, support from you parents, your man, your lady, friends; that’s all good too. But you need to support your damn self first and realize you are NEVER defeated. Support yourself.

Hold yourself up, cause they don’t love YOUΒ like YOU love YOU.Β 

Peace & Loveβ™₯

Definition:Β Support: to bear ALL or part of the weight;Β HOLD UP