Love or Learn

“You do not lose in love. You either win or you learn.”

Hey there every one!  I spent my Monday in bed due to a slight cold from losing a water fight on Sunday (I was ambushed but, we won’t get into that). But I woke up thinking about situations when we feel like we have ‘lost’. Those moments when you feel like you have exhausted every option and nothing worked and at that moment, you feel like you have been defeated. But, how often do you take those opportunities to learn from what could’ve been done better or slightly different.

So often you hear people saying, ‘If I had just waited two seconds longer, I could’ve made it.’ Or in my case, ‘If I had ran a little faster, I wouldn’t have gotten soaked,’. Now, some things you have to truly work at to improve or change for the better the next time you come across a similar situation. While other, you make slight adjustments and see the difference it makes. This aspect applies in almost every part of life. Sometimes we let the feeling of disappoints and trial and errors dictate the next move and that’s where we go wrong. We have to try to take every situation and turn it into a positive. I know that sounds cliche’ but the simplest things make the most sense. I often don’t need a long prophecy to see the gold message in it.

Whether it be a business, or a relationship, friendship, job or goal that didn’t work out the way you planned. It was for a reason and you have to take that information you have gathered after a long, deep conversation with yourself and make the next move your best move!


As Always, Peace & Love ♥

15 Facts About Me: Day 15: 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 15: Write 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Only 15? lol No but seriously, I think I’m pretty cool.

  • I taught myself how to play the piano. I learned everything by ear, no notes, I just listened to the music and felt my way around the keyboard until it sounded exactly like the song I was trying to learn. I still to this day am a little rocky when it comes to reading notes. My elementary music teacher taught us how, but it never stuck with me. The piano was very therapeutic for me. I could play whatever and however I felt. Change certain parts of the melody and it created something different and beautiful.
  • I’m pretty good at Spanish. When I was about 11 years old, I took a liking to the Spanish culture and the language. I bought a Spanish dictionary and would read from it everyday until I could properly learn Spanish. As I got in high school, I could communicate with my friends very well. I’ve slacked off a bit but, I think I will pick it up again!
  • I was once a devoted ice skater. I mean, practices 2-3 times a week, performances. I loved it all. Michelle Kwan was and still is my inspiration. I haven’t gone in a while, but I think I will go in the next week or so. I’ve been missing it a lot lately. On the ice, I felt like I could do anything. And I could!
  • November baby. I was born on November 27th. This means that every so often, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving! This is both a blessing and a curse for me. A blessing because, I gave my parents something to be thankful for! lol And also because I get to eat tons of holiday food without feeling bad because everyone else it too. But, it is a curse sometimes because my friends are usually with family and out of town on my birthday. So I end up celebrating with my family, which is fine, or a couple days before or after my actual birthday.
  • I was a Junior Rams Cheerleader. Yes, I was a cheerleader. lol It was so much fun. I cheered for the St. Louis Rams during halftime and I got to be on TV and everything! I still have pictures of me in that blue, nylon uni-tard with those ridiculous white, cowboy boots. I thought I looked great!
  • I have five tattoos. Each mean something to me and I got them all within a year. They aren’t very big but, I love them! I’m thinking about getting stuff added to the ones I have now before the year ends. We will see!
  • I love poetry! My favorite is Maya Angelou. From Still I Rise to I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings to When I think About Myself, she is amazing!! She inspired me to start writing at a very young age. I got really good! As I am getting older, my words feel more powerful when I write how I feel. Sometimes, it’s the only way to express how I feel. When I write, it is for me. I don’t write so other people can understand me, although it is great when people make that connection.
  • I love Shania Twain. I love country music. I love all types really but I will break out into song and dance when I hear her voice in a speaker. I mean, Forever and for Always, Come on Over, Ka-Ching, Im Gonna Getcha Good, Thank you Baby.. I could go on and on! I used to blast her CD’s all through my room. My mom loved country too but, she was more of a Reba McEntire fan.
  • Sade is my spirit in human form.  I LOVE Sade. She was my favorite ever since I heard my mom and dad blast Smooth Operator  through the house. Love is Stronger is and always will be my favorite song. I listen to it when I am happy, sad, upset. It always levels me out and calms me down. Clean Heart  brings me to tears, and I mean TEARS every time I listen to it. There is no song I don’t like. They all touch me in different ways.
  • I like to sew. I started sewing with barbie doll clothes and ever since then I tweek my clothes. I made my favorite shorts out of some regular Wal-Mart mom jeans. I bleached them, cut them up and voila! I get compliments every time I wear them and you would never know they cost $10!
  • I am the Aunt of three beautiful children. I love my niece and nephews. They are my children until I have children. They all are so different. My niece is just like me. Sassy and such the little diva. My nephews are witty and so wild. My eldest is almost taller than me and still sits on my lap! My youngest nephew is my baby. He is always happy and gives the BEST kisses.
  • I work for the government. Top secret stuff right!? But, sadly, it is not that exciting. I sit behind a desk and get up occasionally to look for something but, it’s not like I’m in Mission Impossible everyday. Just a regular Joe-ett at the office lol
  • I love baking! Baking is so much fun for me. I do it in whatever mood I am in. Happy or sad, I’ll whip up some damn good baked goods and share if I make too much.
  • I love yoga. Once upon a time I was great at really good. I could get into the crow position with ease and work my way from there. I have to start doing it again. It really tightens your core muscles and your body in such an elegant but effective way!
  • I have taken a vow to be a better person. I know this is something we all say, but I have taken this one to heart as of late. That’s with friends, family, people I like, people I don’t like. But, I have never been malicious. But I could have been. After all, I know so much about other peoples lives that I could gladly spill like they try to do me. I know about things that would tear my enemies apart, but that isn’t me. It never was. I have always done things for my benefit, not thinking of others and That is my problem. It was never an intentional thing to hurt other people, but I still did out of personal gain. As of late, no matter how tempted, I have tried to refrain from hurting others although I rightfully could in some situations. But, you have to be the bigger person. Like I mentioned in my post Choosing Your Battlesnot everyone deserves a response, an explanation, anything. You have to pick and choose carefully what is important and what isn’t. It comes with maturity and growth.

Is that 15? lol

Peace & Love ♥