To Crush A Diamond

What does it take to crush a diamond?

So strong yet, under the right pressure,

it can break due to it’s oppressor.

Formed by pain and meant to be a treasured.

So tell me, What does it take to crush a diamond?


So raw, uncut, and innocent it begins it’s journey,

Fighting off what intends it harm.

Slipping on it’s defensive byrnie,

Trying not to set off any alarms.


But once it’s found, terror is bound.

And the blows present a crack.

You put polish on the broken diamond but,

the piece will not come back.


The mole hill of a chip begins to creates gaping holes through and through.

The diamond looks dirty, unattractive with less value…

So tell me, what does it take to crush a diamond?



As Always, Peace & Love ♥



Hey Beautiful

Hey beautiful,

Could I get a moment of your time?

You see I saw you walking across the street and I’d like to make you mine.

But what I really wanna say is that I’d like to waste your time.

I got about 4 or 6 other girls that I got on my mind.


Hey beautiful,

Could I get to know your mind?

Imma tell you you’re different from the others,  that you’re one of a kind.

But what I’d really like to say is that is I’m on child support and about 3 years behind.

And that’s a nice purse you got, I need that money that’s inside.


Hey beautiful,

Get off that floor crying.

Not every man you come across is gonna be lying.

And I’m sure it’s true ,but I’m telling you anything to get you home,

Cause it’ll be a different story once we’re alone.


So what do you say beautiful,

I see you’re trying to reclaim the hope that was stolen.

I tell you we’re gonna re-build what was broken.

And yeah I’m gonna hurt you, I’m gonna do you wrong.

Cause once I get it, I’m good. I’ll be gone.


Never Have I Ever…

I know what your problem is..
You don’t have any kids.
So I’d be damned if you tell me how I should feel,
When everyday strangers use their license to kill.

When I got that phone call,
And they told me my baby was gone..
I didn’t give a damn if he was doing right,
I didn’t give a fuck if he was doing wrong.

You sons of bitches,
Shooting bullets in the dark.
Discarding our children in ditches,
My baby was bright, he was smart.

He was smart enough to know not to go down 73rd,
Where the thugs sold drugs,
And the echoes of gun shots went unheard.
My baby was smart.

You know the other day I found condoms in his room?
See, we were supposed to have the birds and the bees talk soon.
So of course I was pissed and I hid them in my closet,
But I still checked every night for that same ol’ one in his wallet.

I wasn’t ready because my baby wasn’t old enough yet.
Now I’m sitting here making phone calls to funeral guests.
So, what color should he wear?
My baby always did look good in blue…
Now tell me,
How would you feel if you had a child taken from you?

Peace & Love ❤

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In light of current events, it has saddened me to see faces young and old scroll across the television screen. Another shooting, another killing. It has to stop. I am human first and black second. But the fear that looms over our community cannot be ignored. I can say it starts within, but we all know that isn’t true. We cannot control others actions. No matter how well we raise our children, how much we think we prepare them for life, how bright our futures are. Nothing can stop a tragedy. All we can do is continue to pray for better, pray for peace. Thanks for reading…

To You; My Beautiful Man

My Beautiful Man

Do you know why I called you beautiful? You have this smile that melts my soul and a laugh that sends trembles down my spine. A temper that holds my happiness hostage and a kiss that lets me know that I’m yours and you’re mine..My beautiful Man..

Do you know the power you hold? Those strong hands that are hard working, yet so soft when it comes to your children to mold. Those same hands that intertwine with mine, those same hands that trace that silver line. My beautiful Man.

Damn, here we go again. Arguing like we don’t know one another. Screaming ‘FUCK YOUS’ across the room to each other. But we are better now than then.

Cause then I couldn’t trust you. I couldn’t get passed the hurt when you said ‘I love you’. When you said ‘I’ll put no one above you’. I couldn’t trust you. My beautiful Man.

If actions speak louder than words than nigga you just don’t care. Cause I been sitting here waiting, but you’d rather be over there. Not knowing the whole time in your silence, you thinking of me. Trying to get me to understand there’s no place you’d rather be.

So we stand here, after the storm. Looking at each in our ugliest form. And yet, we chose to love and you grab my hand.. My beautiful Man.

The room is now filled with laughter. ‘Fuck Yous’ turn into ‘I trust yous’ as we trade hearts thereafter. My beautiful Man.

Damn, here we go again.  Loving like we don’t know one another. Whispering ‘I Love You’ across the bed to each other. Cause we are better now than then.

Flaws and all laid bare on the table before us. Understanding the pain that happened before US. Kissing each others wounds and holding each others cuts. Flaws and all..

My Beautiful Man.


For you.