What’s on your mind? The social media craze.


With social media being one of the most crucial parts of our lives, I can’t help but wonder, is it changing us as human beings in a detrimental way? Now, I’m not saying social media is the devil or even that it is not important. But, at what point do we draw the line? We pull our phones out for almost everything and never think twice about it. We will sit in front of our computer screens, cellphones and tablets for hours looking at miscellaneous things that often have nothing to do with us. But don’t get me wrong, there are some things that should stay private or just not everywhere online for good taste sake. Now I know you can share whatever you please, the platform is yours but, here are some examples that I hope you can agree with.

  1. Dead bodies. This one seems self explanatory right? But, sadly it isn’t. I’ve seen people go on Facebook live and broadcast people hit by cars, found dead, passed out..and none of it is tasteful. Especially when you are of no kin to the person or people you are recording. What if their families saw how their loved ones were being plastered over facebook? Or Instagram? Or Snapchat? On the very same platforms you post your duck lipped selfies and new hair dos’. Not to mention the oh so sympathetic ‘like’ button on facebook and the empathetic emotion options you have. I’m sorry, but someone clicking the ‘sad button’ or ‘angry face’ on facebook helps me in no way, shape of form.
  2. Money/wealth/Or lack there of…You should never post your financial situation online. Whether Β it be good or bad is your business and MAYBE even your friends/family that you choose to tell but your homeboy or homegirl you went to middle school with that used to date your cousin? They don’t need to know a thing. You are either setting yourself up for someone to try and take what you have out of jealousy or to pity you and pity never put money in anyones pockets as far as I’m concerned.
  3. Bad breakups. So you got your heart broken cause she/he was the biggest liar, cheater, cheap, or maybe they just got on your nerves! NONE of it needs to go on social media. You only create a one man show and onlookers will laugh at you rather than with you. I know because I am an onlooker! How are they the worst person today but, you loved them to death yesterday? Just keep it to yourself. I garuantee when things cool off you will thank yourself for it later for not making a fool out of yourself out of anger or sadness.
  4. Explicit pictures. This one is kind of tricky. On one hand, you have people who love to express themselves freely and openly and don’t mind their body being on the internet for spiritual reasons or maybe they are comfortable with their body and just wants tho share it. But then you have those who simply do it for the attention of others. Then they post the famous line ‘ why is everybody in my inbox!?’ Well babe, your bare titties are out for the world to see. Or hey man, cause your penis is showing, that’s why! Β Now I’m not judging, Β but I’m pretty sure that is something you will regret or hey, maybe you really love the attention..
  5. Your location. With the ability to post live feed and tag your locations, I cant help but be afraid because of the creeps out in this world who will pay attention to your schedule and stalk you or maybe kidnap you. (Whew that was a long sentence but I had to get it out lol). With young girls and boys going missing everyday, it is a feature that is best used moderately.

Now I love social media just as much as the next but, we have to know when to say when. Don’t put everything out there for the world to see. Some things are personal and meant to stay that way. So whenever using social media, proceed with caution! You may put something out there that you can’t take back.


As Always, Peace & Love!



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