Once A Month

Happy Friday you guys! I can’t say its too happy for me though. You see, my frenemy is with me, yep, mother nature herself, and I cannot get out of this terrible mood! It seems that as I get older all of the typical period symptoms get worse and worse. One in particular that has gotten worse is my attitude. Lord, it has reached maximum height, I’m sure. Now, I always got the other signs; back aches, stomach cramps, acne (ugh), and breast tenderness. But within the past year, I have noticed my moods swing, and boy do they swing high!

I’d say about a week or so before my period comes, I get excruciatingly emotional. I cry at the drop of a dime, hell, the drop of temperature will do it. And I am a walking ball of emotions. Everything sets me off, being hungry, being tired, being happy, being excited, did I say being hungry? It is just not a good time for me. The first two days are usually hell and now sadly, they have become hell for everyone around me. It’s gotten so bad that my boyfriend knows I am either acting crazy for one of two reasons, either my period is coming or its been two/three days since I’ve had some ..attention (but, that conversation is for another time). lol And when I realize this and rein it in, I have to commend him because he knows me and handles it so well.

But, I said all this to say, I notice how my body changes as I get older. They may be little but, I keep note of it. So as of now, I am the typical cry baby, emotional, angry for no reason girl on her period. 🙂 Does this effect anyone else this way?

I pretty much look like this when people try to talk to me when I have my cycle. So mean! lol

As Always, Peace & Love ♥



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