Things I forgot to Remember

You ever have those things about yourself that you tell people that you used to do? For example, I used to have an awesome body when I ice skated ( fyi I love my body now, but I was in better shape before). I used to go to SLU, I worked so hard to get in! I used to… etc. etc. But I asked myself the other day, what about now? Who is Malissa today, in this moment. What do I really like to do? If someone asked, what would I say? When I couldn’t find the answer, I knew I needed a revamp. I had realized that when I spoke of things I was most proud of, it was in reference to things that I used to do. And that has to change.

I made a list about a week ago about how my year is going to go, no exceptions and I have already started knocking down some things. On my list, I have things I want to try, places I want to go, things I want /need for myself, goals I want to meet; things that we all put on our ‘To Do’ list but, they never manifest due to lack of effort and planning. That all ends from this year forward.

Well, so I never get side tracked, I hung my ‘2017 Goals’ up around the house so that I have no excuses when it comes to focus. I put one on my refrigerator and one near my steps so I can’t escape it. So when I go to eat food, I see my goal to be healthy and hopefully make better choices. When I wake up, I have no choice but to go down my stairs and look at the goals that I am striving for each day. And I also have one on my desk at work, to remind me not to get comfortable and work smart, not hard.

I have a board that I write inspirational quotes on that are supposed to be keeping me motivated but sadly, it has turned in to a drawing board for my boyfriend due to my lack of use. So I hung my list on it (and still left a little room for him to do his thing lol).

My younger self was motivated and a real go getter. I a force to be reckoned with and I know if I keep this new found focus, I will become my best self at my own pace. I find that I tend to slack off a bit when I am in a relationship and I promised myself this wouldn’t happen this time. So, to 2017 and beyond. I’m excited! Here’s to putting effort into me; physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Love, Always ♥


2 Replies to “Things I forgot to Remember”

  1. I love this! You are so right. I’m definitely trying to live more in my now instead of rehashing old memories

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