To Be or Not to be.. an Angry (Black) Woman..

Bedside With Brooke

So often I hear how terrible black women are portrayed. We are either too emotional, too sassy, too loud, too ratchet, too ghetto, too ignorant, unnecessary, too outspoken, unwanted, not desirable, and I’m tired of it… I’m tired of having to try to change how I say, do or react to things to make others comfortable. I’m tired of the targets and labels that are put on our heads every time we show any type of emotion or opinion on how we need to be regarded and treated not only by our black men, but by other black women as well and outside cultures.

As a woman first, I see us being underpaid, and that’s okay with society. I see us being mistreated and that’s okay for society to accept. We are deemed too dramatic when we react to how we are being mistreated and it has to stop. You…

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