Won’t He Do It


You guys, God is amazing. No, really… This year has been a crazy one to say the least. And I felt like I was fighting for everything I had. But these past few months, I let it all go and gave it to God. I prayed on it, I cried over it, I stayed up all night over it. But, I stopped fighting. I put my entire faith in Him.And I let God handle it and what I found out, was that he had my back the entire time. A few days ago, I realized that not fighting was the best thing I could have ever done.



I stopped trying to fix everything.Β This DOES NOT mean it doesn’t cross your mind. In my case, I thought about all everyday but, I stopped stressing over it. I asked God to guide me and take over. And he did in the best way. When you stop trying to solve things your way, it always works out for you. Trust me.

As always, Peace and LOVE


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