Magic Smoothies

Hey guys! So I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier so I picked up a Magic Bullet blender a few months back. I was so exited to start using this. I love smoothies and I love fresh fruit. But here’s the good part, I can make so much more other things with it as well! It came with a booklet with some recipes and I am going to give them all a try. The smoothies keep me feeling full all while getting my healthy serving of fruits and veggies (I add spinach leaves to it for some greens). You can also add any type of protein or whey to the mix which give you an extra boost. I have yet to do so, but I think I might pick some up soon.

In the picture, I have huge ice cubes but, I have since switched to frozen fruit. To me, the smoothies come out much better and I have more room for fruit without the ice.

Did I mention it’s fun to make! Take about ten minutes tops to have yourself a delicious smoothie. I love it so far and will continue to replace a meal with one of these babies. Now, I’m not gonna lie and say that I have been eating healthy this entire time. I love me some Reese’s okay? lol But I have been making an effort to incorporate healthy foods and exercising.

Eating healthier also changes your whole mood. I wake up with energy and  a bright outlook on the day. I don’t get tired too quickly and I feel soo good! So, try to make a small healthy choice today, or tomorrow. Any effort counts! Oh, and Happy Friday!!

Anybody have any good recipes they use? Let me know!

Peace & Love


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