Fun Facts about Me you would never know unless you Knew…

  1. I cry at any and every public event where people are coming together in a positive way. For. Any. Reason. Concert? Tears. Random people break into a cute song randomly? Tears. I see groups of people helping the community? Tears are brought to my eyes. It has always been this way because its the little things that touch me. Sounds corny, I know. But, I can’t help it. I can’t even hold the tears back. lol But just know, I love when people come together and it touches me every single time.
  2. I still slide down my stairs at home. Yes, like a damn child. lol I do it for various reasons. Either I wake up too tired to walk downstairs, or I just get lazy, or I justΒ want to slide down the stairs! It’s the little things that keep you young and sliding down the steps is one of mine. lol
  3. I light candles everyday. I love the tranquility of candles. It’s calming and peaceful. Also, I love the scent. My friends always tell me that my house ‘doesn’t smell like a black persons house'(y’all don’t take offense lmao) because it doesn’t smell like food. haha! But my mother raised me to always keep a nice smelling home. Nobody wants to smell what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day.
  4. I don’t like social media.Β I’d prefer not to have all of these social outlets but, I have them for my blog. A few months ago I had deleted everything and I didn’t miss it one bit. But now, I have to have all of these avenues to get my word out.
  5. I am girly girl/ tomboy all in one.Β I am the only girl between two brothers. I always had an affinity for the typical girly things. Painting my nails, Barbies, etc. But I spent my summers outside playing football and basketball religiously. I had my fair share of video games that I loved to play. Not only did I enjoy it, I got to bond with my brothers at the same. They did have to sit through quite a few tea parties and fashion shows though.

As always, Peace & Love


4 Replies to “Fun Facts about Me you would never know unless you Knew…”

  1. Omg number 1, I’m the same way. Lol I tear up at heart felt things. Ex. I can’t not cry at the blind side lmao. Ugh… Number 5 is me, I was raised with 2 older brothers who pretty much took care of me my younger years. I didnt know a lot about girly things till they started having girlfriends. I’m glad I read your post

    1. Girl I thought I was the only one! I could be at a fireworks display and see everyone looking up at the sky and burst into tears (which I may or may not have done lol). And yeah my brothers certainly kept me balanced and it was actually a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!

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