To My Black People

Lately, looking at the news has been a dreaded experience for me. Each day, I watch some new footage of police brutality, gang violence, rape, pointless fights…It’s the saddest thing to see but most of all, the black on black crime is something that really pulls at my heart.With everything that is going on as of late, I feel like black people owe it to themselves and their fellow brothers and sisters to come together and stop the violence and the slander amongst one another.

It is always outrageous to see these types of stories up and down Facebook and the local news channels. Aren’t we being killed enough? I don’t understand how the same people who sympathize with the killings of blacks due to police brutality, etc can be the same ones who pick up a gun and shoot to kill. Why? Because you’re in a gang? Because some girl is now with your ex and you’re that mad? Because someone told you to back up because you were dancing to close? Because someone bumped into you at the club? Because someone embarrassed you? Because you heard some girl didn’t like you? Because someone cheated you out of some drugs? Because someone stole from you? What gives you the right to take a life??

Sadly, as I am sure you know, their have been reasons even more simple than the ones I named. And people are killing out of anger. This couldn’t be what our ancestors fought and died for. This couldn’t be what people went to jail to fight for. This couldn’t be what people have and are protesting for. We have to do better. It pains me even more when I see a black life being taken by another. We have to protect ourselves and we can’t do that if we are at war with our own people.

Now with this being said, BEING PRO BLACK IS NOT ANTI WHITE. People seem to get that confused. Just like every white person isn’t racist, not every black person is out here targeting white people for ‘payback’. I saw a Facebook post about how wrong it is for interracial couples to be together. It basically said that since white people enslaved us and raped our women, we should not feel comfortable dating Caucasian people……C’mon now. We have to be smarter than ignorant comments like that. Interracial dating is EXACTLY one of the reasons people fought. Did they not hear about Emmett Till? He was beaten to death because he whistled at a white woman. Whistled! So when I hear people say that it is wrong for black people to date outside of their race, all I hear is that you feel that his death was justified..because after all, he shouldn’t have been interested in the first place right? No! This is an idea I’m going to need us black folks to stop spreading. Our ancestors fought for FREEDOM to do what you want. Don’t play yourself…

And lastly, my sweet black people, be everything you can be. LITERALLYΒ every right we have now and take for granted, someone was killed for, drowned, lashed, dismembered, raped, lynched, beaten and/or sold for ever opening their mouths and protecting these rights which were always ours. Someone fought for you. How dare you not be all that you can be? How dare you not be great? How dare you not take every damn opportunity that is presented and owning that mf? How dare you settle for the minimum? How dare you be content with being complacent? If you don’t do anything in this world, seize every opportunity that comes your way. Please don’t let their deaths be in vain.

Peace & LoveΒ β™₯



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