But aren’t you lonely?

You know what I’m tired of hearing? People, men in particular, asking women if they are lonely simply because they are not in a relationship. I’m convinced that every guy pictures single women at home with a thousand cats, crying to The Notebook while nose deep inside of a carton of Rocky Road ice cream..Umm no. Somebody asked me this about a week ago and I literally laughed. Cause what century are we in again? lol It is absolutely hilarious and baffling when I hear men tell women that they will be lonely without them. Boy please..There are so many reasons why this question leaves me confused and I’ll explain..

  1. Reason number one… Who died and made you King? What about you is so important that you have the audacity to feel like your presence, and your presence only, is needed to enjoy life? What about you is so special, that when you leave, I will crumble in your absence? Especially when you bring nothing to the table but a headache. Men…GET OVER YOURSELVES.
  2. Reason number two… Friends and family still exist. Whether you believe it or not, we do cultivate relationships with other people besides our boyfriends. And although it may seem like we eat, sleep, and breathe you, trust that we still have our close peeps in our back pocket at all times. Only a call away!
  3. Reason number three… The best type of company is good company. I would rather eliminate myself from a bad situation than to be with someone just to say I have someone. Hello ladies! This is not okay. Once you eliminate negative energy, nothing but positive comes your way! So asking someone who got out of a negative situation if they are lonely is like asking them to laugh in your face. Just know, the dark cloud is lifted and it’s nothing but sunny sky in the forecast.
  4. Reason number four… Being alone and being lonely are two different entities. Let’s say that again (repeat after me), BEING ALONE AND BEING LONELY ARE TWO DIFFERENT ENTITIES. Personally I LOVE my alone time. I always have. Even when I was in a relationship I always took a moment to myself and cherished my me time. If you guys have read my previous posts, you know I LOVE taking myself to the movies. And let me tell you, ain’t nothing changed. You have to be okay with being by yourself. Take yourself out! Enjoy you, discover new things about you! What makes you happy? What makes you sad?
  5. Reason number five… You should always be focused on bettering yourself. Right now, I am so focused on me it isn’t funny. Literally nothing can distract me from this road I am on. To getting better opportunities at work, finally finding my true calling in school and career, to changing bad habits when it comes to eating, my hair, etc. Every little goal counts. And you should treat every positive change as if you’ve won the Olympics. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t have fun, but don’t get too distracted. And trust me, a few fine ass ‘distractions’ have tried to come my way but honestly, that isn’t where my head is at. I don’t want to deal with anyone until I am where I want to be with myself. I want to continue to get Malissa together without having to deal with someone being upset cause I didn’t call them back or I’m busy, or I don’t see them all the time. All of my energy is being used on Malissa.

So am I lonely? Hell no.lol But thanks for asking. 😉

Peace & Love ♥


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