To go, or Not to go. That is the question..

Happy Monday everyone!

This past weekend was a great one for me. Why? Because I said no. I did only what I absolutely wanted to do. Nothing more, nothing less. I said no to my girls begging me to come hang out. I said no to people coming over and having to entertain. I said no to the sun that peeked through my bedroom curtains. I just said no. Sunday, I didn’t roll out of bed until around 4 pm, yes 4 pm. lol And you know what? It felt great. When I did get up I made something to eat, rearranged and decorated my home with some pieces I bought the day before Β and lounged. Didn’t even bother to put clothes on. Just walked around in the comfort of my home and had some much-needed lazy time.

This was basically me. πŸ˜€

It is important that we understand that we have a choice in what we want to do. You DO NOT have to say yes to every offer given to you. The sooner we realize this, the happier we will be. Just because someone is pushing and begging you to do something that you don’t necessarily want to do, it doesn’t mean you have to go. So often we feels obligated to say yes to every invitation we get. Saying yes is not always the way to go. It feels good to say no, or not today. You have a choice in how and where and with whom you spend your time with.

Sometimes saying no can make you feel a little guilty. People may try to make you feel bad for your decision but, you cannot give in. They will ask you to change your plans to fit into theirs and that is something you just don’t want to do. No one should ask you to spend time where you don’t want to. If you had your mind made up about it, stick to it! Who cares if they have an attitude or if they think it is something other than you simply not wanting to go or having plans. If you do, you’ll end up being miserable the entire time and most likely not have a good time. So often, people are only thinking of themselves and they don’t care if it is something you want to do or not. Not only is this inconsiderate, but it can be annoying.

So guys, learn to say no! Not every invitation needs to be accepted.

Peace & LoveΒ β™₯


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