5 Things you should not GAF about in your 20’s

So last night I was talking with one of my girlfriends about the things we focus on and why. How much stress it can cause and how it can affect our moods and our day. Ugh! Who has the time! But, you know what we came up with? Nothing is worth your peace of mind. NOTHING! We aren’t children but, we are certainly not coming to an end. So what are we stressing about? Here are a list of things that us girls tend to fret about in their 20’s and why we should really not give one entire fuck.

  •  Weight: Girl, let me tell you. I know we want to be healthy and all, and we should be, but it should never bring you to a point of depression. Ever! You got some love handles? So what, 90% of the women today have them. You have cellulite? So Fucking What? That should never stop you from putting on those cute short shorts you love so much. I know it doesn’t stop me! By all means, we should take care of our bodies. As long as you are healthy, don’t let that last piece of cake send you into over drive. Have a cookie while you’re at it! So put on that mini skirt girl and rock it.Wake up and feel Flawless everyday because that’s what we are.

  • Boys: I swear, if we didn’t put so much focus on boys, we would be ten times happier. I know some people who have a daily goal of finding a man. Girl please. As a woman, we should be so focused on finding ourselves right now and if you meet someone along the way, good for you. But, we have to stay true to ourselves. We can’t allow someone to come in and mess up our inner peace. If they are doing that, kick them to the curb and don’t be sorry!! I know it’s easier said than done but we gotta protect ourselves. Live unapologetic-ally. Don’t ever apologize for eliminating negative people out of your life, especially if you give them chance after chance. If you aren’t being treated right, you know you deserve better, tell that boy BYE and let that be the end of it.

  • Shady friends/People who don’t like you. So you heard someone you don’t even know is talking shit? SO WHAT! You’re friend talking about you behind you back? That ain’t your friend! Friends don’t ever put you in that position to question their friendship. It’s so simple.We waste so much time and energy trying to be liked and explaining ourselves. I did my share of it too. But now, I don’t give a damn. People are going to say something about you no matter what you do. They are going to judge you, say mean things, and try to knock you down to their level. In the words of Mark Twain, ‘Never argue with stupid people,they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience’. So the next time someone comes for you without being called, make them feel like the immature person they are and ignore it! Nothing should come between  you and your peace girl. This is all explained in my post about Choosing Your Battles. (You can read that post here)


  • Other people’s lives. As I look down my timeline, every one is either pregnant, graduating this year, getting engaged, etc. Now, I’m not knocking those whodownload have children but, I enjoy being carefree. Until I have children, my niece and my nephews are my babies. And you want to know the best part? I can send them home to their parents! haha No, but really. When it comes to seeing people finding love and happiness, it is such a beautiful thing. But I am in no way jealous. Love is so hard to find with the right person and trust me ladies, we are going to go through a few losers before we get to THE ONE. Some people just find it faster. Just like with school, I took a couple breaks in between. I was supposed to be graduating this year but, I am not.download (8) And although I wish I would’ve just stuck it out, I didn’t have the focus that I have now. I was so distracted. It took me a bit longer to get my drive back and now that I have it, there is no stopping me. Never compare your life to another. That is no way to live, ever. Your life will fall into place and stressing over will not make it come any faster. It’s just gonna ruin your journey.


  • Being ‘grown up’ all the time. I hear this so often. People think that you can’t be silly and enjoy life because ‘you’re grown’. WRONG! You 20’s are supposed to be your years of adventure and being silly with your girls. Why? Cause why the hell n82580aa3a4fcc19e654312f77b546202.jpgot? In your 80’s you are going to be wishing you danced in the rain and had a little fun. Never be afraid to be yourself silly ass self. Embrace it. Own it and have some fun! And if your friends look at you and judge you, they aren’t your friends. You have to live your life while you can. A day is never promised so why behave like it is? Why behave at all? Of course there is a time and a place for everything but, I’d be damned if I never got a good laugh out of my own craziness. Enjoy your youth ladies and laugh!


So ladies, relax. This is only the beginning and the best is yet to come. Stop tipping over stuff that won’t matter 1..5..20 years from now. But what will always matter is your inner peace. Protect it, cherish it, spread it to others. Live apologetically and be happy. This isn’t the end.

Peace & Love ♥




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