Fall Fever & Winter Wishing


So, is anybody else ready for fall like I am? I am so ready for the hoodies, warm knee length socks, fuzzy hats, hoodies, boots, hot chocolate,  EVERYTHING!

I can picture it now, waking up and rolling over to the beautiful view every morning. Getting to see the leaves change with beautiful colors with the wind dancing in between the trees. Curling up by my fire place with some hot cappuccino or huddling outside the patio with my fire pit going, roasting marsh mellows with huge cups of hot cocoa with my girlfriends. I. CAN’T. WAIT. I love the fall and winter. Those have always been my favorite seasons and as soon as they pass, I start thinking about how long spring and summer will take before I can get to my faves again.

Y’all I’m so ready. lol When Christmas comes around, I’m decking the place out. I’m talking garland all up and down my staircase. Stockings over the fireplace, my real Christmas tree, lights every where. I’m in love already and I am so excited to get my winter started. Pumpkin patches, and YES watching Hocus Pocus is mandatory around Halloween. Can we fast forward to the good parts already? lol

What are you guys excited for this fall/winter?

Peace & Love ♥


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