Dinner Time..Day 29: 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 29: List 10 people, dead or alive, you would invite to dinner. Include the dinner menu.

  1. My Grandmother. I never got a chance to meet her so if I could have just one dinner with her, I would make sure I had a table full of southern cooking. She was a county girl so I would try to make her feel at home. I’d probably have us eating outside on the farm she was raised on, barefoot and just having a good time. I’d want to know everything. How my great grandmother and grandfather were. How he childhood was. I’d want to hear her wisdom and stories all day and night, and fall asleep on her chest while she sand me to sleep. I heard one of her recordings once, she was a great singer!
  2. DeAndre. My little cousin passed away a few years ago. I miss him so much. He always called me Cassie and followed me around school, creeping up on me and my friends. He was a bad ass tho lol. But I miss him. The last time I saw him, he was trying to get me to go play basketball with him and my brothers. But, I took too long getting ready and I got there when he had left already. Everyday I think about what I could’ve changed. Just left in what I had on, got ready quicker, something..He has a little plaque right on the side of the highway and I pass it everyday going to work and I think of him everyday. I got a tattoo dedicated to him on the side of my stomach. Every time I here the song they played at his funeral, I cry my eyes out and turn it off immediately. I still can’t bare to hear it. I think I would have junk food and pizza for us. lol He was a tiny little thing but boy could he eat!
  3. Maya Angelou. She is such an inspiration to me. I want to here about who motivated and inspired her to be who she was. Who and what inspired her to write. I’d let her read some of my poetry and stories and see what she thought. I think I would want something light for her. Maybe just some tea and cookies. lol
  4. Martin Luther King. I would love to speak with Dr. King. He was so powerful and commanding. He had a goal and died fighting for it. I would love to hear him talk about everything he went through while trying to obtain this goal. I would ask him what he thought about the world today. With all the police brutality and senseless crime. I wonder what he would think. For him, I would have huge steaks with potatoes, some type of veggie, and desert would be pie, any type he wanted.
  5. President Obama & 6. Michelle. I would want to ask them how it felt to be the first black president and first lady. I would want to know if they experienced any direct hate or faced any huge threats. I would also want to know what they were going to do after the presidency. Is Michelle going to run in the future? Will they still have a hand in politics? What next? For dinner, I would probably have some baked chicken ( I know Michelle is trying to push that healthy cause) but it would taste like fried chicken though. lol
  6. (See 5)
  7. Aaliyah. When I heard that Aaliyah had died, I was getting in the backseat of my mothers car and we had just turned the radio on. I didn’t want to believe it. I had grown to love Aaliyah. She wasn’t like all the other singers who did things just for attention had felt the need to flash her body every chance she got. She was a true performer and I loved that about her. I had her posters all around my room. Had and still have every CD. That was my girl. Idk what we would have for dinner. lol I just know I would want to sing with her and maybe learn to dance. lol
  8. Robin Williams. As you all know, he committed suicide. I would want to talk to him and ask him what made him come to those terms with himself. What was it that he felt he could not fix? Was it that no one listened to him? He had no one to talk to? I would want to know what made him come to a decision to end his life after he had helped and inspired so many. For dinner, I’m not sure, maybe chicken and caesar salad.
  9. Beyonce’. I would love to talk to her. About any and everything, I don’t care. lol That’s my girl. I would want to ask her about her fame, her goals in life and if she felt she has reached or surpassed them. What inspires her to most and of course some fashion and music. Maybe some chicken for dinner? I don’t ever care, let’s just talk.
  10. Rihanna. I would absolutely love to talk to her about her spirit. She is so free and I trying to reach that level of open and free-ness. lol She gives no fucks at all about how others view her or why they view her that way. She just does Robin and keeps it pushing. Keeping her eye on her path of self. I think we would have some Island foods. Maybe some curry chicken, rice, and whatever else. lol And of course, gtta have our wine.

Who would you want to have dinner with if you could?

Peace & Love ♥


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