Why Do You Write?

Why I write..

I write to inspire/motivate: I love to inspire others to write and to create another form of expression. I love seeing people inspired enough by me to create their page or to simply like something I wrote. If I could move you in some type of way simply because of my writing, I have done what I needed to. If I could make you feel a certain way by reading letters on a page, I have done my job. Lately, I’ve been getting random compliments on my work. That in itself is so wonderful. I write for myself but, when others can connect to how I feel or to even understand what I am trying to say when I write is truly a blessing. I love what I do so I love hearing feedback or seeing others be inspired to write and create as well. πŸ˜‰

I write to discover/learn: Often times when I write, I have no idea where I am going or what conclusion or ending I will come up with. ‘Blind writing’, so I call it, helps me use my imagination and to dip into my subconscious thoughts, to write with no filter and say whatever comes to mind. I remember in elementary school, my English teacher would have ‘free writing time’. This was when we had to write for 10 minutes about whatever came to mind but, we could not take our pen off of the paper. Now, when I was younger I thought ‘How can you write something and not have an idea or plot?’. But, now, I see where she was going with this. (Shout out to you Mrs. Green!). Sometimes I had nothing to write so I would scribble circles all over the page. But I see what she was trying to teach me. You don’t always have to have a sense of direction to write something beautiful. You might surprise yourself and come up with something you never knew you could write.

I write to release: For me, writing is something I do to relax, relate, and release! (You can see my post on thatΒ here). It helps me clear my thoughts and get down to the root of my issue/situation and look at it with a clear mind. I am not really the type to express my feelings openly to people, so writing them down always helps me. Then when I am done, I try to read it as an outsider. What advice would I give someone with the same problem? What would I say? On the other hand, I also write ‘fiction’ so-to-speak. I write things from another persons perspective on how they might feel. I don’t have any children but, I wrote about the recent killing of children in my poem Never Have I Ever: read here. I am not homeless but, I wrote about being a homeless person in my poem United We Stand:Β here. I try to write objectively. I feel that is something every good writer should be able to do. To put themselves in another person shoes and feel life as someone else. How would I feel if I were in this situation or how would I view myself in another persons eyes?

Why do you write?

Peace & LoveΒ β™₯



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