United we Stand?..

You walk past me so easily,
You try not to look my way but, I see you peek.
The little change you have could help me eat,
But I say hello and you don’t even speak.

I clench my collection cup with all that I’ve got,
Along with an old family photo and my pot.
I have to keep the little clothes with me that I’ve got,
So I layer up, although I’m exhausted, I’m so hot.

That half empty juice you just pitched,
The ‘nasty’ burger you just threw away,
I’m gonna grab that when you leave,
That might help me live another day..

I am a person, I am real.
I have emotions and I can feel.
You look at me in disgust,
But in my life, survival is a must.

So if it’s not too much to ask,
Could I just have the loose change in your bag.
I’m coming to you at my lowest.
The pride-less look on my face should show it..

So hey guys, did you all know that there is a bill being passed that makes it against the law to feed or clothe the homeless? Can you believe that? This infuriated me down to my core. What is this world coming to? You don’t know what the next person has been through or how they got where they are. They say America is a place of opportunity and a place of positivity and hope. How can you promise that when we don’t help our fellow Americans in their time of need? It’s completely absurd and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. We live in a world where feeding a homeless dog is more important than feeding a homeless PERSON. How can this be? But, this ‘law’ will not change my character and openness to help others and hopefully it won’t change yours.

Check out these links to see if a city or state near you either has these laws or is trying to enforce them!




I saw this image on a website. Can you imagine how cruel people can be?


Peace &  Love ❤


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