Relax, Relate, RELEASE!


I’m assuming everyone here has seen the famous Relax, Relate, Release episode of A Different World? If not, I got you covered, just click here for the clip.

Now in this episode Whitley visits a therapist cause she has a lot going on. During her session, she asks Whitley to Relax, Relate, and Release. Now, I know it looks kind of silly but what exactly did she mean by that? What was it symbolizing?


  • This means just that! Shut down/out all of the clutter and noise in your life at the moment and try to get a clear head. Take a load off. Do whatever it is that makes you the most comfortable and puts you at peace and just breathe. In order to approach something with a clear head, you have to clear your head first! Sometimes, it is easier said than done. But, once you get the hang of it, total relaxation won’t be so hard to reach. For me, a nice calm bath with some good music (Sade preferably) does the trick to get me started. Then I put on the biggest, comfiest (is that a word) shirt/sweater I can find with the thickest socks I have (the kind that go all the way up to the knee) and I chill out. I get me some tea (with real honey and lemon) or some coffee/ cappuccino and either curl up watching some good chick flicks. (To see my fave’s click here). Or I put on some good music and I’ll write to clear my thoughts.


  • This is when you have a clear mind and can think about what you want your next move to be. How are you going to approach this? Now that relaxing has allowed you to let go of any negative feelings you have toward the situation, how are you going to handle it? What is the best way to do whatever you have to do? This is where you way your options and start to plan out your next move. I am a list person. So, I’ll make about three organized lists that have my different goals and how I will reach them and the steps that I need to take. Sometimes this could require some research, depending on what it is so it really helps to have a clear mind to focus.


  • Hopefully, once you’ve relaxed your mind, you will find it easier to rid yourself of any negative energy and look at whatever you are facing in the most positive way possible. By doing those two steps, you allow your mind to re-evaluate your problems and see the importance in them. Is it something you can change? And if not, why let it effect you to the point of pain and stress? So often we worry about the wrong things. If people took the time to relax, relate, and release, it would cut down on so much stress. And that’s with anything! Relationships, friendships, work, school, or just plain ol’ life getting to you. Release that negative energy babe! Your mind, body, and soul with thank you.

Peace & Love ♥



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