Easy on the eyes..Day 23: 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 23: Post Five pictures of celebrities you find attractive.

Only five? I’ll try..lol

  • Morris Chesnut: Goes without an explanation right?


  • Β Name unknown: Now, idk this man’s name but girl, do you see this? I saw him floating around Facebook a while ago and haven’t forgotten about him yet lol


  • Michael B Jordan: This man’s smile alone would just melt me okay? He is an awesome actor and verrryyy easy on the eyes.


  • Common: This man is not only attractive but, he stands for something! He is one of few who actually talk about real life and love in hip-hop, not to mention that he is a great actor as well. He could preach to me any day. πŸ™‚


  • Tyrese: Y’all know I can’t make a list without baby zaddy! lol love him. he can sing his ass off and is a phenomenal actor.

download (1)

Peace & LoveΒ β™₯


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