Over the Years I’ve Changed.. Day 22: 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 22: How have you changes over the years? Share pictures.

How have I changed? Well that’s a loaded question. I have changed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. All for the better may I add.

I would say that the biggest change I have noticed is the way I look at things and/or people. I used to take a lot of things personal. But now, I’m more of a ‘bigger picture’ type of person. I know now that everything is not or will ever be in a finite state. Everything changes. And you have to be okay with that. Life has cycles, and whether or not you go along with them is your choice.

My first tattoo is of the phrase ‘This too shall pass’. No, it is not from the Bible. No one really knows where it comes from but all I know is that my mother always said it to me, and it got me through so many trials over the years. No matter how down you think you are right now, it is not forever. No matter how much pain you are in or how horrible you think your life is now, it is NOT forever.

First tattoo!

I have always been an independent person, but over the years I have also noticed just how important that is. That you depend on no one to do anything for you. When I started college in 2012, I always relied on my mother to back me up. But, I quickly learned that I could not always do that. Not that she would not want to help me, sometimes she couldn’t.  I have to do things on my own.

I have grown into a woman. I know it sounds cliche’ but it true. I still have things to work on but, when will that ever change? To grow is to change and evolve into a better you than you were yesterday. I have learned to appreciate myself more and to take time out to think about myself. This is a fairly new change. I had to re

Another way I have changed is physically! Ahh, the best part right? lol Yall see that Razor phone in the third picture? haha! Let’s not talk about it. But I guess you can say my body has matured. I love all of my womanly curves, wouldn’t trade them for anything although I am trying to give some back if you know what I mean. 🙂 I have stopped getting relaxers! (Let the church say Amen) In the 2nd and 3rd picture, I have a relaxer. The 4th and 5th pictures is a weave. My hair is longer than that. (Guess I should add some current photos of it later).


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