Be Great

“It’s time to shift the culture
Move the focus
Rise above, and lose the vultures
It’s hard to fly when those that’s close to you
Keep pulling you down, yeah
Off my chest
No more excuses
Scared to death, but I can’t lose grip of
I’m scared to jump, I’m scared to fail
I’m scared of you, I’m scared of myself”

-Kevin Ross

If you are going to be anything at life, be great at it. That goes for everything. There are no limitations to what you can achieve, only fears accompanied by hurdles waiting to be jumped over. You wanna be a writer? Be great at it. You wanna be a rapper? Give it your all. You want to be a good person? Strive towards it everyday. It’s the little steps that create the best journey. Don’t let anyone discourage you just because your journey is taking longer than yours.

Peace & Love ♥


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