Never Have I Ever…

I know what your problem is..
You don’t have any kids.
So I’d be damned if you tell me how I should feel,
When everyday strangers use their license to kill.

When I got that phone call,
And they told me my baby was gone..
I didn’t give a damn if he was doing right,
I didn’t give a fuck if he was doing wrong.

You sons of bitches,
Shooting bullets in the dark.
Discarding our children in ditches,
My baby was bright, he was smart.

He was smart enough to know not to go down 73rd,
Where the thugs sold drugs,
And the echoes of gun shots went unheard.
My baby was smart.

You know the other day I found condoms in his room?
See, we were supposed to have the birds and the bees talk soon.
So of course I was pissed and I hid them in my closet,
But I still checked every night for that same ol’ one in his wallet.

I wasn’t ready because my baby wasn’t old enough yet.
Now I’m sitting here making phone calls to funeral guests.
So, what color should he wear?
My baby always did look good in blue…
Now tell me,
How would you feel if you had a child taken from you?

Peace & Love ❤

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In light of current events, it has saddened me to see faces young and old scroll across the television screen. Another shooting, another killing. It has to stop. I am human first and black second. But the fear that looms over our community cannot be ignored. I can say it starts within, but we all know that isn’t true. We cannot control others actions. No matter how well we raise our children, how much we think we prepare them for life, how bright our futures are. Nothing can stop a tragedy. All we can do is continue to pray for better, pray for peace. Thanks for reading…


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