Hey Beautiful

Hey beautiful,

Could I get a moment of your time?

You see I saw you walking across the street and I’d like to make you mine.

But what I really wanna say is that I’d like to waste your time.

I got about 4 or 6 other girls that I got on my mind.


Hey beautiful,

Could I get to know your mind?

Imma tell you you’re different from the others, Β that you’re one of a kind.

But what I’d really like to say is that is I’m on child support and about 3 years behind.

And that’s a nice purse you got, I need that money that’s inside.


Hey beautiful,

Get off that floor crying.

Not every man you come across is gonna be lying.

And I’m sure it’s true ,but I’m telling you anything to get you home,

Cause it’ll be a different story once we’re alone.


So what do you say beautiful,

I see you’re trying to reclaim the hope that was stolen.

I tell you we’re gonna re-build what was broken.

And yeah I’m gonna hurt you, I’m gonna do you wrong.

Cause once I get it, I’m good. I’ll be gone.



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