Crotch Shots

Okay ladies, this one is for you.

Now I know y’all have seen or heard about The Games…riskay pictures on Instagram. No, not the ones with the drugs. No, not the ones with the half naked women. No, not even the ones with the alcohol. I’m talking about those eggplant shots baby! Now, I know every girl loves to imagine a man with a nice sized ‘eggplant’ but, do they have to show it on Instagram? Like, we get it.. You’re a celebrity and you packing but, at one point does it become obnoxious?

Now every one likes to show off a bit every now and then but I would feel the same way about a woman that showed off a huge butt or large breasts. We get it, what else do you have to offer now? When you get old and everything starts kissing gravity, and I do mean EVERYTHING, what then?

When I see people’s Eggplant Selfies, yes I look, but I think it is more funny than sexy. I mean, how old are we again? lol These are grown ass men showing off their junk for..likes. I mean come on people! lol I personally would not be able to take any man seriously if they posted things like this or sent things like this to me. It’s childish and it is not how you get a grown woman’s attention. Buuuuut, since we are talking about eggplants, here is some…evidence to back up my point. How childish!

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