Vegas Baby! Day 14: 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 14: What is your earliest childhood memory?

I don’t know if this is my earliest memory, but this is one that stood out the most. Me, my dad and my brothers all went to Vegas. I had to be about 4 at the time. We were in this pool area that had a cave-like area that you could swim in. We were having a blast. All of us splashing water on one another and falling all over the place, as children do. I remember my mother yelling at my oldest brother, he was still young at the time and did not know how to swim, because he was trying to go inside the cave.

I don’t remember much after or before that. We have pictures of the plane ride there or back, I can’t remember which. But, I know I  had a lot of fun.

Peace & Love ♥


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