Date Nights

Y’all remember how I said I was gonna take myself on a movie date? Well that’s exactly what I did Friday afternoon. I was restless and I needed a distraction so I took myself to the movies. I had already planned on doing it, but the time called for immediate action and I left in exactly what I was wearing around the house. I grabbed my purse, slipped on some sandals and headed out.

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It must have been my lucky day! As soon as I get to the mall, a man approached me and asked me if I wanted to take a paid survey. They would be giving me $10 just for answering questions about gum packaging. So I did it and that paid for my movie! I went to go see Bad Moms .  It was a really good movie! It was funny and it had me intrigued the whole time.

Afterwards, I got a phone call to hang out with one of my girls. Did I turn it down? Hell no! It had been so long since I hung out with them and spent time with them. And it seemed like they all came at THE RIGHT time. Like they knew I needed to have some fun! So I went home, changed clothes and had a great night out. By the time we got back to my place, I was exhausted! Didn’t wake up until around 11 am the next morning.

Yesterday I hung out with my very best friend. I mean, I’ve been knowing this girl for YEARSSS and no matter how much time has past, that’s still my girl through thick and thin. We went and had drinks at a bar and just caught up talked about everything. It was so good laughing and talking with her. We are both going through the same thing so it helped to know that I wasn’t crazy. lol Afterwards, we cooked dinner at my place and watched some chick flicks of course and talked like old times.

This was an $11 drink, but soo worth it lol

But, I needed that time. I promised my girls that I would stop neglecting them. lol I always made plans with them, then I would cancel at the last minute then claim that ‘I have no friends’. lol But, I’m getting myself back together and it feels great already.

Peace & Love ♥


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