A Day in My Life (Day 12): 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 12: Bullet point your whole day.

Sorry I skipped yesterday! I was super busy and I had a lot going on. But, I’m going to try to outline and remember exactly what I did.

Morning: So yesterday I rolled out of bed around 10:30 am..maybe lol I cleaned my place, went for a nice walk, then came home and showered. I was gonna just stay at home all day per usual, but my friends had other plans. They dragged me out!

Afternoon: By the evening, I was going through my closet looking for something to wear. I had done my hair, did my makeup (I’ve been trying stuff out lately and it looks good!) and was waiting to get my day/night started.

Evening: By the evening. I was out and about with my girls. Did some shopping and spent my night on the town with my head clear and my spirit free. Downtown is so pretty at night. Just walking down the beautiful, lit up streets makes you feel like the night will never end. And we had a really good time. Even met some new friends.

Night: By night, everyone came back to my place and we just had a real chill time. Laughing and exchanging stories. It has been a while since I got cute and hung out with my girls.


It has been a while since I hung out with my girls. I needed that time. It awakened something in me that that I felt like I had lost. All I ever hung out with was my boyfriend for a long time. But girl time is so important. We talk about everything, our plans, feelings, issues, life. A few days ago, I promised myself that I would devote way more time to me and my emotional and mental health. To focus on me. I realized I was focusing on everyone else. Making sure everyone else was okay, making sure they didn’t need anything, making sure I took care of them, but who was gnna do that for me? When everyone around you let’s you down, you have to realize, you have to do these things for yourself. Love yourself, make sure YOU don’t need anything, make sure YOU’RE okay.

Now I know what you’re thinking. All you did was go out girl! But, sometimes stepping outside of you’re own four walls can open your eyes. It can make you realize that there is more in this world. I have been going through a lot lately. I have been begging those who love me to listen and I wasn’t being heard. And when enough was enough, I took control of my life. I listened to no one but me. Although I was hurt by the things I had to do, I had to do it. It was the type of hurt where you can’t stop trembling, the type of hurt that makes your chest feel like its caving in. The type of hurt that chokes you up and you can’t speak. But it had to be done.

So what did I do after all of it? I picked myself up, and went out.

‘You know this isn’t the end, right?’ – one of my girlfriends.

Peace & Love ♥



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