Lions, Tigers, and Bears; 30 Day Blog Challenge (Day 9)


Day 9: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

 If I could have any job in the world, I would be a zoologist. I love animals; always have. I watched Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel everyday. The Crocodile Hunter ( I cried for a week when he died), Animal Precinct, Meerkat Manner, Jeff Corwin; the list goes on. If I can, I still catch Animal Discovery on Saturday mornings.

I love the exotic animals. Basically, anything that lives in the outskirts of the world; from rain forests, jungles, and mountains to deserts, sea, and oceans. I love them all! I know a lot about animals due to my habits of reading up on them and watching documentaries on them. I used to tell my mom random animal facts everyday. I know most of the eating habits, mating habits, preferred environments, ancestors, you name it!

I love taking care of animals and seeing the way that they adapt in different environments. It is a beautiful thing! There is so much to learn from animals if we just pay attention. They have an entire system in which they live and it works for them! They don’t have the resources like we do, computer, internet, weather channel. They just have to rely on what they know and communicate with one another and they survive everyday! Amazing!

As a child, I loved any movie that had animals in it. Tarzan,  Jungle Book, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Free Willie, The Lion King. I used to turn all of the lights off in my room and pretend I was in the forest or ocean side with the animals. I loved it. And I still do. If I had the courage to pick up and move to where I wanted to pursue my career, I definitely would. Maybe in a couple years. I even looked up colleges in those areas and there were some great schools! I was just worried that it wouldn’t be a very lucrative field and that I would get home sick. So here I am at a desk! Ugh. lol But, it pays the bills.

What dream job would you all want to have if you could ?

Peace & Love ♥


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