Sex and the City while Sippin’

Bedside With Brooke

Hey guys and Happy Monday! I hope you guys are as excited for the week as I am (booo Monday!). lol

Today, I’m here to talk to you guys about girl time. It is so important that us ladies take time to ourselves and relax and enjoy our womanhood. Last week, I took two ‘girl days’ for myself during the work week and it was wonderful.

What does it consist of you ask? Absolutely nothing! lol No really, I didn’t leave the house. Only picked up my phone for my man and my mama, and I damn sure didn’t reach out to anyone but them! Some days, you just need space and time alone. No distractions from me, myself, and I.

My day started out pretty normal. I had every intentions on going to work..but, my 4:45 am alarm woke me up and did I budge? Nope! Only to…

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