Sex and the City while Sippin’

Hey guys and Happy Monday! I hope you guys are as excited for the week as I am (booo Monday!). lol

Today, I’m here to talk to you guys about girl time. It is so important that us ladies take time to ourselves and relax and enjoy our womanhood. Last week, I took two ‘girl days’ for myself during the work week and it was wonderful.

What does it consist of you ask? Absolutely nothing! lol No really, I didn’t leave the house. Only picked up my phone for my man and my mama, and I damn sure didn’t reach out to anyone but them! Some days, you just need space and time alone. No distractions from me, myself, and I.

My day started out pretty normal. I had every intentions on going to work..but, my 4:45 am alarm woke me up and did I budge? Nope! Only to hit ‘dismiss’ on my phone then I snuggled back under the covers. lol Man, that alone was heaven.

When I finally rose out of bed, I went down stairs and made me some lemon, honey tea

Lazy days in my bedroom 😉 Everybody needs a’sick’ day every now and then..

(gotta have real honey and lemon too btw). I turned on my  ‘BROOKE’ playlist on YouTube (which consists of some Sade, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Beyonce’, RihRih, V Bozeman, KeKe Palmer, and much more) and started cleaning. Once I was finished cleaning and folded laundry (tons of it might I add), I took a short walk. And I do mean short, it was hot as hell! Afterwards, I took a nice hot shower and put on a nice, comfy tea shirt and did my foot soak. Btw, at home foot soaks are the bomb! All you need is a nice sized bowl, hot/warm water, bath salts/Epsom salt, body oil and voila! You have the most relaxing, FREE foot soak ever.

My favorite show to watch when I just want to girl all the way out is Sex and The City. I have seen EVERY episode there is, both of thegiphy movies and I still never tire of seeing SJP’s high heels click through the streets of New York in fashions’ finest get-ups.

Another one of my favorites is Girlfriends ( Hey Tracee girl!). Love this show! It shows Black, successful woman taking on the world and looking good doing it! If you ever need some girl power pick me up, watch it! Although it

Can we talk about these curls though?

doesn’t come on anymore, I am the one that will go to the library, request all of the seasons and binge watch them all. If y’all don’t know by now, yes, I’m an old lady at heart.


While I was getting my girl on, I was writing you guys as well! Had my laptop on the bed going to town on one of my 30 Day Blog Challenge questions and I was soooo relaxed. Had me some strawberries by my side and another refill of tea and I was in total heaven. It was glorious.

So ladies, get you some girl time in!! You don’t always have to spend money or go out and meet up with people. Enjoy time by yourself! Get to know yourself! Everybody can use a little girl time! 😉

Peace & Love ♥


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