Day 7; 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 7: What were your favorite childhood toys?

Some one my favorite childhood toys ranged from super girly, to tomboyish. One of my favorites was my Brandi doll. I lovedddd her. I loved the fact that the pop-star version had long, pretty braids that you could put into a pony tail, just like my hair! The Cinderella was on of my favorites too. Her dress was so pretty! Not to mention, I was in love with that movie so having the doll was even more awesome!

My second favorite toy was a Barbie cash register. I loved it! It made the cha-ching sound! lol It came with fake money, coins, and coupons and it went perfectly with my third favorite; fake groceries! I loved to play shop. Sometimes, I would even make my store out of empty boxes and chip bags that I filled with paper so it would be like real shopping! I was a very creative child and I even made a buggie out of roller chair and a basket..(it My cousin would love to play shopping with me and we had TONS of fun. It had a microphone just like the real cashiers!

images (1).jpg

Another one of my favorite toys was my Shakira doll. She came with a guitar that belted out Hips Don’t Lie and she had on some super cute hip huggers!


I don’t know if you would classify this as a toy, but I LOVED my Yamaha keyboard. It was perfect. My mom got it for me for Christmas and I played it everyday! I got good at it too! I learned and played everything by ear, so I couldn’t read not one note for the longest, but my music still sounded beautiful. I learned to play songs by John Legend, Ne-yo, Sade, Michael Buble’, Keri Hilson, Beyonce’, songs that I heard off of movies and many other artist. I would stay up all night until it sounded exactly like the song I was trying to learn. I was very determined. I wrote all of my learned songs down by letter in a black notebook that I still have today! I would host ‘concerts’ for my family and make them sit down while I played my songs. A few years ago when we were moving out of our old house, I left it in the closet and I didn’t realize it. By the time I had, it was too late. I always say I am going to buy another one and start practicing again.

I have tons more favorite toys, but these are just my most memorable! What are some of yours?

See you guys tomorrow for Day 7!

Peace & LoveΒ β™₯



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