Day 2: 30 Day Blog Challenge


Day 2: Where would you like to be in 20 years?

Well, the obvious answer would be in a huge mansion, rolling in cash right? But, honestly, I want to be happy 20 years from now. I don’t know where life will take me but I do know I want to be happy doing whatever I am doing. I want to have a career that I love doing and that gives me a steady income (obvs). I want to have traveled the world. Took vacations that I can create memories in. I want to know more than I know now and pass my wisdom on to my beautiful children.  I also want to make sure that my children are taken care of and that they don’t ever have to want for anything. I want them to have a better childhood than I. Money is important but, you can’t take it with you when you die.

I want to be married and have beautiful children that look just like their father and I. I want to show them the world and have plenty of family memories to cherish for when they ‘forget’ to call us back while they are ‘studying’ on a Saturday night. I want to have family traditions, where my children still come home to spend Christmas and Thanksgiving with Daddy and I. I want for my children to know they are loved.

Twenty years from now, I’ll be 43. 43! And I want to be healthy. I don’t want my health to start going down hill (which is why I’m going to the gym later 😉 ). I want to be able to enjoy what the world has to offer. Cruises, trips with my husband, family trips with the children. I don’t want to stop living just because I’ll be a little older. I will make every year my good years.

Where do you think you’ll be in twenty years?

Peace & Love ♥


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