To You; My Beautiful Man

Bedside With Brooke

My Beautiful Man

Do you know why I called you beautiful? You have this smile that melts my soul and a laugh that sends trembles down my spine. A temper that holds my happiness hostage and a kiss that lets me know that I’m yours and you’re mine..My beautiful Man..

Do you know the power you hold? Those strong hands that are hard working, yet so soft when it comes to your children to mold. Those same hands that intertwine with mine, those same hands that trace that silver line. My beautiful Man.

Damn, here we go again. Arguing like we don’t know one another. Screaming ‘FUCK YOUS’ across the room to each other. But we are better now than then.

Cause then I couldn’t trust you. I couldn’t get passed the hurt when you said ‘I love you’. When you said ‘I’ll put no one above you’. I couldn’t…

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