Drab to Fab; Updating a Hopeless Wardrobe

Bedside With Brooke

Hey loves!

So , not too long ago I told you all that I moved recently and gave away a lot of clothing for various reasons. Either I didn’t wear them anymore or I could no longer fit them due to weight gain (damn my love for baking!). But recently , I noticed that I wear the same type of clothing for the majority of the time! I have my go-tos’ for when I go out with friends, family functions, etc. My clothing choice is usually comfortable and casual, which is fine but, I need to switch it up. Sometimes, the occasion calls for a little more ya know? So as of late, I have been buying staple pieces that are girly, cute, of quality and can be worn in multiple of ways. One of my favorite spots is Target, can’t go wrong in there! Everything is a decent price…

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6 Replies to “Drab to Fab; Updating a Hopeless Wardrobe”

  1. I love that you were able to find security in what made you feel insecure. I think we as women out too much pressure on ourselves to fit an ideal look we have in our head. When I look back on photos of myself pre married and pre pregnancy it trips me out because I thought I was so big and I really wasn’t. With time brings confidence. The best feeling in the world is loving yourself first! As for Target yes you can find good deals! It’s funny I’ve never really been the type to enjoy shopping but my husband has always said buy things for yourself. In still warming up to it. In the mean time I’ve been shopping for baby. One store I do enjoy is Old Navy… A little weird but I LOVE their curvy jeans I fits my thighs just RIGHT! I’ve been lucky a few times to catch them on sale and I go to the OUTLETS!! Can you say 40% off? Lol

    1. Yes, we worry entirely too much about how others perceive our body. Not knowing the whole time, the insecurity is all in our heads! And I do the same thing. I look backs from years back when I thought I was huge and I realized, I wasn’t! It was just my own doubts eating away at my confidence. And I’m gonna have to try Old Navy! I never really took the time to look in there and I’m all for a deal! Most definitely will be checking it out lol

      1. It’s our heads and things we are around us… I remember being in High School comparing myself to the dancers and cheerleaders only to see them now and the dont even look the same. That grown woman by Beyonce will have you feeling yourself lol and yea I bought a few Sun dresses from there as well. I love that you can wash them and the material is still in good shape.

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