Woman Weekend Complete

So, you guys remember how I said this weekend was going to be the ultimate ‘woman weekend’? Well, it turned out okay. Well, the woman part was great! Did everything I said I would. Got my wax, got my hair done, exercised, did some baking, did a DIY foot soak and pedi, and drank a healthy amount of wine infused with fresh strawberries ( it’s been my fave lately).

First, I got my hair done and it looks so good! I got a sew in for the first time in months. I

Me ‘glowing’ after my walk lol

really don’t like getting them because I am so indecisive when it comes to my hair. I end up wasting money because I take it down in about two weeks cause I miss my hair (go figure right).I was a little upset about the price though because they charged me extra for my natural hair being thick and long. Can you believe it? So if I was a bald headed chick, I wouldn’t have to come outta pocket? So that was disappointing but, it was all good. I like the end result.

After that I got my eyebrows waxed and I was feeling myself a bit. I looked good! lol I went for a nice long walk later and worked up a good sweat. After that, I took a long hot bath with bath salts and body oils. Had my music blasting and just relaxed. My weekend was starting off great, so I thought. My ‘girl time’ was going as planned.

But enough about that, it is Monday and I hope you all are ready for the week. I know I’m not! lol Happy Monday everybody.

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Peace & Love ♥


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