Going Backwards; Skating Around the Subject

What’s up my beautiful people.

Remember when I started this portion of my blog to talk about how geared up I was about losing weight and getting healthy?? Well, I just came to give you an update. I HAVEN’T DONE A DAMN THING, ok? lol I mean, Yeah I take the steps, when I’m not super tired, and I don’t drink soda anymore, but I havent really done much to aid myself in becoming any healthier. To be honest, I think I went walking maybe…once (don’t laugh). But, I know I need to get on the ball and kick-start my health. I have used every excuse in the book but, its time that I go through with it.

I drink mostly tea, but you know that isn’t all that great for the kidneys, so that’s not really a good alternative. I usually buy bottles of water so I can just grab one when I feel like it, and when I do, i go through it in about two weeks (which reminds me, i need more). It’s something about drinking out of a bottle that makes it better than tap water. lol

As I said yesterday, I am moving so I went through a lot of my clothes. Most of which I could not fit anymore. You know how many bags of unfittable (made that up) clothes that was, THREE FULL BAGS. Can you believe it! I donated them all to the Salvation army because they were in great condition but, it still hurt to see them go. So, if that’s not motivation in some kind of way, I don’t know what is.

So, what am I gonna do about it you ask? Well, I used to ice skate from middle school into mid-highschool, and let me tell you, I was in the best shape of my life! I had muscles in all the right places, a strong core, strong ankles (only an ice skater would know why that’s important lol), and my health was on point. My instructor Jackie (yeah I remember ya) gave me a regimen of exercisesΒ to do that engaged ALL of my body. My mother had to sign off on what I did every night to make sure I wasn’t cheating. I hated doing it on the days I was tired, but by the end of it, it gave me a boost of energy. Well, I found my regimen the other day and started it on saturday, twice a day. I can’t guarantee that I will do this everyday, but I feel it already lol. I have always loved the challenge of pushing myself when it came to ice skating and exercise, I just put it to the side these past years. But, I’m finding it again slowly. I’m sure I’ll see some changes. Now, all IΒ have to do is get my eating right and get back on the ice! I felt so powerful and in control on the ice and I always pushed myself, doing extra practices when I could, covered in sweat by the time I finished (yes you can sweat on ice). It was great. Ice skating was always something I was passionate about, but I stopped. I enjoyed doing it and it was great exercise, so if you haven’t already, try it! As of next week, I will be back on the ice ASAP and as often as I can. πŸ˜‰



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