Moving Madness!

Hi loves!

So , a year ago, I moved into my first apartment. I was so excited! My very own place to myself. I’m gonna admit , I was nervous as hell, but ready at the same time! I knew it would be weird at first but I got used to it. The quiet and peace became something I wanted to rush home to. The only thing I wish I would’ve done was saved for another car. I had an accident in my jeep a few months before I moved (R.I.P. Marley) and didn’t save for another. Stupid right? But I always found a way to get around.

In exactly 10 days, my stay here will be up (I only did a year lease) and I have to admit, I’m a little sad. Although I am so ready to move into bigger and better, I’m still gnna miss the memories I have made here. The late nights in my living room doing homework falling asleep on my books, the conversations I had with my loved ones, the many doors slammed in heated arguments (yes even those), the first time I burned a pizza in this stupid oven (it was the ovens fault lol) setting up my first Christmas tree (with help of course, although I did have to use a chair for the ornaments cause that wasn’t ‘his part’), baking at 1 in the morning simply because I was bored. I could go on and on about the laughs and cries I have had here, but I will just say, it’s been quite a ride.

My mom always taught me to pay my bills on time and never be late on rent, and I am proud to say, I never was. My credit score is rising (amen) and the early approval for my new townhouse proved it. Did I mention I was moving to a townhouse? I am sooooo excited! As soon as I viewed it, I fell in love. They had me look at the one bedroom apartment but, it was lack luster in comparison. 

I am very particular when it comes to my home. My place now looks just how I imagined it when I was a kid. Huge mirrors over the wall, everything has to fall into place of my theme for the month. lol But, I am excited to decorate my new home. So ready to make more memories.

Now, I still have a lot to accomplish. I am working on Marley II (my next truck hopefully) and I am still pushing to finish my degree. But in ten days, I will have accomplished one of my goals. To see if I could live on my own and goddamnit, I did it! With little to no help. I learned how to save ( a little lol) know my needs v.s my wants, and be at peace with the tranquility of your own. I am in no way bragging, I am just so fucking proud of myself.

So often, we forget to sit back and think about how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished. Every little thing deserves a pat on the back from non other than your damn self. Did you know you survived 100% of your bad days? No matter the tears you’ve shed, no matter how many times you wanted to throw in the towel, you did it. Take time to marvel in your greatness every now and then. I guarantee it’ll make the long trek even more worth it in the end.

So, to the sweet,dark memories of fight and triumph, to new beginnings of more fight and triumph, realize, you are amazing. Marvel in your greatness.

Peace & Love ❤


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