Wax Attack

Hey there!

So, let me tell you about my Friday. It was a normal, lazy work day. I was sitting at my desk doing a little online shopping  when a friend of mine hits me up about going to get a wax (you know, my lady flower). And she wanted to go RIGHT AFTER WORK! I took a deep breath and said I needed time to think about it. Lol I had looked into it before but, I never actually went through with it. So, when she brought it up, I was on the fence.

I began looking up other women’s experiences to try to make myself feel better. They all said that it didn’t hurt as bad as they thought it would so that made me feel a little better.Now, I never let it grow into a full bush (t.m.i), but some times I get lazy and let it grow a little. I’ve always kept it neat and trimmed for the most part. So, I figured, if I was going to go for it and get a wax, I was gonna go for the whole thing and get….a Brazilian!

By noon, we made the appointment so there was no backing out now. We both agreed to stop and take a shot before we went to calm out nerves. Bacardi was my pacifier of choice. Then, we pulled up and we couldn’t stop laughing nervously as we waited in the lobby. It was almost time.

I’ll fast forward all of the details, but I will say. It wasn’t as bad as I thought! Haha cliché right? There was definitely parts that I let out a little scream and clenched my toes, but it wasn’t a lingering pain. Once the ripping was over, so was the pain.

I wasn’t very uncomfortable like I thought I’d be with a total stranger all up in my business. But I think the alcohol helped with that. When I was done, I felt so free down there. Lol I felt like a brand new woman!

Needless to say, I booked for my next appointment before I left. 🙂

Peace & Love ♥



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