Now Let’s Get in Formation!


“Pre-slay” in the hotel

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about the Queen herself (besides me of course πŸ˜‰ , but that’s beside the point) ! lol. On May 28th, I was slayed by none other than THE Beyonce’ in her Chicago tour stop! And let me tell you, it was one hell of a show! She was amazing. The anticipation for her was enough to make me completely lose my cool. Walking around looking at all the crazed fans was an experience in itself. Some people even went as far as dressing up like her. But let me tell you, EVERYONE was in formation okay? I mean beat to the God’s. Women and men put on their very best to come out and slay for the Queen.

My anxiety began to grow as we finally settled into our seats. It was supposed to start at 7:30pm, so when 8:30 hit, the crowd was pretty anxious. But, the DJ kept the crowd stimulated with some good music in the mean time. The concert was in an open dome stadium, Soldier Field, so the atmosphere was to die for. The breeze was perfect and there was no rain in sight. Then, after my first beer at exactly 9:02pm, the crowd looked up….and the lights dimmed.

IMAG0701 (2)Beyonce’ appeared and immediately broke out into Formation (the song) and we all went crazy. We jumped out of our seats and didn’t sit down again! The BEYhive was in full effect. I was in awe of how beautiful she was in person! And let’s not even talk about her voice. My God!! I almost cried when she belted out the beautiful melody of ‘1+1’. She danced and sung like it was just a normal day. She swung her hair, and popped all over that stage and didn’t miss not one beat.

At the end of the concert, she talked about the power of a woman and how we have to stick together. It is eminent that we recognize and empower other women. So often you see women try to tear down other women over the pettiest things. And I believe us as woman are better than that. I’ve always tried to live a life of understanding. You never know what the next woman is going through. I love the empowerment and togetherness of women when we do come together. I have personally seen others try to bring another down. I’ve seen people be malicious and hateful towards others and it saddens me that we can’t get it right. Sit down and talk to one another. The bitchiness is so childish and it is something I choose not to tolerate. If you can’t build each other up and come to understand each other, there is no point. But, some women aren’t built like me and you I’m sure ;). You get no where hating on what or who the next woman has. Life is so much bigger than that. Us as women are better than pettiness and spitefulness. We need to uplift! But in the words of Beyonce’, Twirl on your haters!Β If they can’t act right, continue to SLAY at life honey.

IMAG0697 (1)I could continue to go on about how great she was, but let’s just say, she is coming to St. Louis, MO (my hometown) and I am seriously considering going again. In cheaper seats of course lol.

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Peace & LoveΒ Β β™₯


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