Supporting Potential : An Unspoken Pinky Promise


You ever fall in love with someones potential? You take one look at that person and it is an instant need to see this person grow? This can be a good and bad thing depending on who the person is.

You have two types of people: the ones who have positive potential and strive for it and the ones that have positive potential as well, but do nothing towards it; they are all talk so to speak. That could be a complete waste of time…but, we are talking about the latter here.

Now, when I talk about potential, I am not discrediting who they are at the moment; because who they are is what connects you to them. You know who they are, who they were and who they can be and you find yourself getting excited for their future just as much as you are for yours.

When an employer calls you back for a second interview and hires you, they see your potential in their company. They invest in what you can be and want to see you grow. This is almost the same as seeing potential in someone in life. Except, unlike an employer, you gain something different from seeing that person grow.

An employer wants something in return. They want you to make them look good and prove to them that they made the right decision in choosing you every single day you come into work. But, when you invest in a person as a friend, not seeking any return, no money, no reward, it feels even better. A lot of times you get no daily thank you for the little things you say to encourage them, you may not always get that phone call at the end of every little completed task, it’s in the end of the struggle that counts.

The beauty of someones potential being reached feels so electrifying. And hopefully, in the end when they realize who they are, who they were and what they can be, they will appreciate you for believing in them when they didn’t believe in themselves.

The power of support is so important. It makes the impossible seem possible; it changes the darkness into light. Unconditional love is very rare to find if you aren’t related to someone. When the only connection you have with a person is friendship, love and trust, oh boy do you have a powerful thing. The support you show to someone when you don’t have to and you have nothing to gain speaks volumes. When the only connection you have is something you cannot touch, see, feel physically or even describe sometimes, all you know is that you want to see them grow and wish them nothing but the best. That is when you see unconditional love and support in its rarest form. It is one thing to HAVE to encourage someone because you have a common tie, but what if you don’t?

With all this being said, we as people have to realize the potential in others and well as ourselves. Positive energy is something we all need and should cherish if we find it. It is definitely not and easy task. There will be times when you want to give up on that person completely because you have no actual tie to this person right? Why do you care if they fail or succeed in life? But when you truly promise to support someones future and their well-being, you are making an unspoken, spiritual, unembodied pinky promise (sort of) to that person and you both have to work to support each other and hold your end of the deal. You have their back and they have yours. No matter how many days you go without speaking, or the hurtful truths that can and WILL come out at times when you feel like giving up, you stick it out because you made a promise to one another..

It’s up to you to decipherΒ if that person is worth investing in, that comes with time. But if they are, stick by their side as they will stick by yours. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

Peace & LoveΒ β™₯


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