Value; What are you worth?

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“Damn, you got a fat ass! Come here!”

This is something I hear very often. Because I am an African American woman, men tend to like bigger butts and they think that hearing anything in reference to our asses is a compliment. I can’t tell you how many people I have had to ignore and walk past holding my tongue. I can’t tell you how many times I have been called a stuck up bitch because I didn’t turn around and throw myself at the men who thought things like that was okay.

Now, to some women, this could be great! Your ‘fat ass’ was just noticed and now he wants to talk to you, you snagged one huh? But, to respectable women, you will see so much wrong with this exclamation of interest. This is not flattering, it does not make me smile or laugh or want to go talk to this person. It disgusts me and it makes me sad to know that women actually go for these types of men.

When you think about it, it all comes down to how you see yourself and the value you instill in yourself. You are more than a fat ass, more than a nice ass body, more than just a pretty face. You are more than the curves of you waist and chest.

Now I do understand that looks are the first thing you see when you meet someone, but why not compliment us in a respectable way? ..

How much value do you place on yourself?

Now-a-days, it seems like people settle for any amount of attention or recognition they can get just to feel some sense of validation from others. They walk around in this costume of a person and hope no one notices the real problem; they see no value in themselves.

We now live in a world where Instagram likes and Facebook shares are the keys to acceptance; and not in a respectable way either. Some women flash their breast, butt, and everything just to feel accepted. Words of strangers ogling over your pictures are taken more seriously than the words of your mother or father or someone who is actually there for you.

What type of attention are you seeking? I personally eliminated myself from Facebook and Instagram because I realized that it wasn’t important to me. If anything, it made me less productive and wasted sooo much time that I could be doing something else ( like writing for you guys 🙂 ). But think about it, some people have their social media pages up for the sole purpose of attention because that is the only way they feel worth something. That in itself, is scary to me. Us as women are lessening our values, morals, and judgement all to be accepted. It is a sad and detrimental trend that needs to be turned around FAST.

So ask yourself, how much value do you place in yourself? What are you worth?

Peace & Love ♥



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