This Too Shall Pass

So you wake up one day and you have a two flat tires. Normally things like this would shake you up and throw of your entire day, but you got this. You get to work by calling a friend or hopping on the bus. But when you get to work, you get fired. What a day right? This might be your breaking point. You figure how could this day get any worse? Not only do you have to catch the bus back home but you don’t know where your next meal or paycheck will come from. This alone, might put you in a negative space.

Next scenario: Let’s say, your boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend breaks up with you or wants a divorce. This could make you question everything right? Who are you without them? You are looking back at everything you could’ve done better, what you should’ve done better and how you will win them back: maybe. For some people, depending on how close you are with someone, it may be a traumatic experience. You are sad, lonely, depressed, and you begin to question what could possibly be wrong with you. Things couldn’t get any worse right?


Everyday life can be tricky and it can throw you curve balls from time to time when you least expect it. In these instances, you have to take a step back, give yourself time to deal with your struggles in a HEALTHY manner. There are right and wrongs ways to react to life. Some people cannot handle when things are going left instead of right. Some get off into drugs to numb their feelings, some shut themselves off from people that love and care about them and some even kill themselves.

People go through struggles everyday. But you have to remember, ‘this too shall pass.’

All of my life has been a struggle, and by me saying this, I don’t mean that my struggle was any worse or better than yours. Nothing has come easy to me. My mother always taught me to recognize that struggle and have it make you stronger. As a kid, I would see my mom doing the very best she could so that we wouldn’t have to feel that hardship. As a child, she made sure that I was protected, but I was not blind to the fact that my mom went through obstacles everyday. So it is okay to recognize and own that struggle, but that is not who you are. You can’t let things swallow you and change that sense of hope that you have.

If you don’t have a place of your own? That’s okay, you could not have a home at all. You could be living on the streets. You could not have food, water, shelter, and guess what? You are still okay. You are alive aren’t you?

So the next time you have life throwing rocks at you, pick them up and place them in your pocket. Own it, Recognize it, but remember, This Too Shall Pass



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