Bad Hair Days

So, i’m sure almost everyone has experienced a bad hair day. I don’t know if your reaction is the same, but I usually feel as if I have let myself down. lol i look in the mirror and some days I just want to crawl back in bed and ask myself why I did this to myself, Why didn’t I just wrap my hair last night? Was that late night movie worth it? It often seems that I usually have some place important to go the next morning, after I haven’t wrapped my hair. And this leads to me rushing, bringing out the flat irons and trying to attempt to save my hair in the thirty minutes I allotted for myself to get ready. End result: I look a mess. I can tell that I rushed over my hair and my day is ruined. I always feel like people look at me differently when I rush over my hair.

P.S Needless to say, I am having a bad hair day today. Somebody didn’t wrap their hair last night. 😦

If only my bad hair day looked this good......
If only my bad hair day looked this good……

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