My Motivation

liss liss

Hey there! I’d like to say that this was a recent picture of me, but it isn’t. So why put this picture up you ask? I was going through facebook photos and I came across this one. I believe this was my senior year, when I began to realize just how great I was. I had gone through the silly high school melodrama, and I had finally made! I was a great student, everyone loved me, with the exception of the few friends I discarded of once I knew they weren’t good for me. But I had such a great reputation, not only with the teachers, but with the students as well. I was apart Student Council, National Honors Society, Student Advisory team ( I was a freshman mentor) and I took pride in that. I knew I was smart and so did everyone else. At this point I knew I would get into SLU, my first and only choice, and I did. I was feeling good. I also took ice skating lessons back in 8th grade through my sophomore year, and by my senior year, I had started practicing again. So I was in a good place. (Btw, ice skating is another one of my releases. I LOVE it.

So, i said all this to say that I want and need to get back to the drive I had back then. I was on top of my game; not saying that I’m not now. But, it was something about my senior year. I was so hopeful. Im still excited about my future, I just recently got a full time job that makes more than I thought I would be making in a long time. I also trying to save up to move into my own apartment or town home, I’m hoping for the town house more so. I am still in college but, I no longer attend SLU unfortunately. I attend St. Louis Florissant Valley College. My major is nursing now. I’m excited to get my plans for the for the future rolling. But I am slowly but surely getting my momentum back to where it was my senior year of Hazelwood Central.



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