Why I named my blog, “Bedside with Brooke”…

I’m sure you’re wondering why I named my blog Bedside with Brooke, and if you aren’t, I’ll tell you anyway 🙂 .

When I was a little girl, maybe about 8 or 9, my best friend Kendall gave me a set of diaries for my birthday. Honestly, they sat on my bedside table for about a month or so. I didn’t know what exactly to write, however, I was thankful that she gave me a gift. My first thought was , “What should I write about?”. My first entries almost always started with ” Hi Diary!”, and “I haven’t written in you for a while, SORRY!” lol. They were probably like that until about five years later, when I began to really think about what I was writing and how I felt about what was happening to me. Now, writing has become this therapeutic outlet for me; this blissful escape from my hyperactive brain. It allows me to slow down and actually think about how I feel as supposed to how I should feel. I had no idea that those simple pink and purple diaries would open me up to the wonderful world of writing. Now, I’m no Shakespeare, but, I like to think that I am a pretty good writer; especially when it comes to my own thoughts and feelings. Now, I have accumulated many diaries and journals and I keep them all in my bedside table.


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